Right all the way

Quality is all about getting things right. Having the right strategy, starting at the right place, working purposefully with the right methods and tools and never ever departing from the marked path.

Our quality-assured methodology begins with you. With your help, we analyse the present position and what you want the recruitment to achieve. This serves as the starting point for forming the requirements that have to be satisfied by candidates.

When the search starts, the profile we have to satisfy is crystal clear to us. Perhaps someone we already know through our own skills pool or usual networks has this profile. It may be that we will have to search outside the conventional frameworks. The right person may be circling a distant perimeter. He or she may also be within arm’s reach.

The final determination makes use of tests, in-depth interviews and references that reveal risk factors as well as hidden talents and resources.

Everything is targeted at the recruited person rapidly fitting into his or her new role, developing there and delivering maximum benefit to your operations.

The final step is monitoring to ensure that everything feels right – for you, the new employee and, it goes without saying, the other candidates too.