Only one person is first.

CVs, diplomas and formal qualifications are the easy part. Their significance in the process is self-evident. Personality is a different matter. Nonetheless, finding a person who works well in the organisation is not an overly complicated part of the process either.

The true challenge is in the final phase. There is then one person who best meets all the targets of the recruitment. It is this person that we help you to find.

Trust never compromises. That is why our recruitment process begins with a meticulous analysis of your operations and the context in which the new employee is to function.

A thorough analysis of the present situation establishes what we have to look for, and where. When the usual well-trafficked networks are not enough, we have our own avenues of exploration. Business intelligence and knowledge of the management world mean that we often find candidates where no one else is looking.

Going into the final stage, only the fully competent candidates remain. The moment has arrived. From a handful of people, one alone has to be selected.

In this task, we use a well-proven toolbox of tests and forms. Our experience, which gives us the ability to discover both strengths and weaknesses, is at the very top of the box.

Only one person gets the job. However, the other candidates are also of great value. Our personal feedback to all candidates contributes to creating a positive impression of both the recruitment process and the recruiting company.