A changing world challenges leaders

Micael Györei, Former MD of Continental Bakeries North Europe, now MD of SCD AB

“Several years ago, Gillebagaren was acquired by Continental Bakeries. The biscuit bakeries in tiny Örkelljunga and Åsljunga were suddenly parts of an international group. At the same time, the debate about sugars and fats was raging.

“Against this background, we needed new talents for two important posts. A Swedish sales manager and a Nordic sales manager who could tackle existing and imminent challenges.

“The job of finding them went to Trust. Their analysis gave us a new evaluation scale for the types of people who could manage the job. We were given the challenge of thinking several steps beyond just devising a ‘fit for job’ profile, which was the stage we were then at.

“This was the start of a close partnership – not least as regards leader development. In this latter area, I have my own experience of how Trust gives participants courage to leave their comfort zones, see themselves and their possibilities for becoming better leaders.

“The collaboration has changed our culture and has got the entire senior management team to work more strategically.

“This is a development that is resulting in successful workers and an even more successful business.”