Commitment to quality

Petra Johnsson, Business area head, Trust Recruitment

“You notice it as soon as you choose us for an assignment. Instead of friendly confirmations, we ask challenging questions. This is so that both you and we can be certain that the person you are looking for is really the one you need.

“A correct analysis of the present position enables the drawing up of a crystal-clear requirements profile. Only then does the search begin.

“The candidates we meet may also feel we are a little exasperating, particularly when we are nearing the final selection and the questions go deeper and become ever more personal.

“In our experience, the candidates who can best satisfy the target of a recruitment are the ones who stand out when they are part of a set of people who are given the opportunity to analyse and reflect. They are the ones who will do the job because they can and want to, not simply because they need a job.

“Our methodology is basically all about commitment. It is our way of ensuring quality and finding, both swiftly and surely, the employee that the organisation, the business targets and the work culture require.

“The central theme running through the entire process is reality. All parties benefit from this.”