When giving gives back – mentorship in FEW

Successful leaders often have full diaries and being a mentor is more than just setting a few days aside for meetings with a mentee. Mentorship is a responsibility. Yet, it is a giving one. You can monitor and contribute to another person’s development in a way that also develops yourself.

Your skills give security

Being a FEW mentor means that you have already demonstrated your ability as a leader. You have gravitas and experience. Your mentee has ambition. Together, you are a team in which you are the listener, questioner and challenger. Unless the mentee expressly asks for advice, you are not an adviser.

The mentee sets her own development targets. Together, you decide what you, as the mentor, are to contribute. Your most important task is to have the targets in focus throughout all phases of the training. Part of this task is cross-checking with the mentee that her development is progressing according to plan. If any questions arise, you are there as a sounding board. It is the mentee’s own responsibility to find solutions and new paths.

New networks

As a FEW mentor, you meet experienced managers from various areas of trade and industry – board members, operations managers, group executives and managers of smaller enterprises.

Via the mentor network, you have full access to discussion groups and talks that complement the programme.

As the icing on the cake, you are also invited to our special Mentor Annual Gathering. This offers various activities that reinforce your network.