Strong women are energetic leaders

There are lots of women who, having good business experience and well-developed strategic abilities, are truly the stuff of which strong leaders are made. However, there are too few women in managing directorships and board rooms.

FEW is a programme that makes you aware of your true potential and helps you develop it in a successful career.

You are the starting point. Through discovering yourself, you find answers to a host of questions. You gain clear insight into what can be changed to strengthen your leadership.

In the programme, there are women in similar situations with whom you can exchange findings. This always results in lasting networks.

The programme is a process involving personal and professional guidance. You learn to see the whole picture and connections. You understand how your own skills can be developed to the advantage of your leadership and your opportunities to take up a seat on a board.

In addition to Trust, you have the constant support of a mentor with experience of leader roles and board work alike.


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